How it works

"We Got This"

We know you’re busy building your business and we handle everything from putting your coupons or branding offer together. We then precisely target your offer to new customers on Facebook with uniquely crafted social advertising.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. First, tell us about your business and location(s).

2. Next, tell us about the coupon you want to run.

3. Lastly, tell us about your customers and we’ll find them on Facebook.

A sales specialist will quickly put your campaign together, all you need to do is get ready for increased web and foot traffic.


Log in to see your performance and track your growth with Quick Box Social’s dashboards. You’ll always know how it’s going.


See It Live

See how a local business is achieving success with online coupons and social ads with Quick Box Social.

On the right you’ll see examples of a Facebook social ad to drive customers to coupons and an example of the online coupons on Quick Box Social.

To see live examples click on one of the following links:



"We Got This"

Start growing your business today with our “We Got This” social solution for your small business. Our pricing is built to fit any budget. Here's how it works:

- Our monthly fee is $300 and includes:

  • - Coupons built for your business locations
  • - Your coupons on your Facebook Business page
  • - Facebook ads with images and copy
  • - Quick Box Social landing page with your offers
  • - Access to reports

Select your Facebook ad spend to reach your customers. Our packages start at $300 and are customizable to fit your budget.

About Quick Box Social

We know small business and we know how to put your offer in front of the customers you need. Quick Box Social quickly brings professionally-built social campaigns to life and markets them through Facebook.

At our core, we’re a cloud-based campaign and content management tool for customer acquisition in social, mobile and web channels providing real ROI for small businesses.

Quick Box Social is here to save you time and drive real revenue.


Do you have questions? Contact us today about how we can use digital marketing to help your business.

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